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Trusted supplier to hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, and wind power sectors across North America


Barrie Welding & Machine (1974) Ltd has a long history of being involved in the hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, and wind power sectors, some for over half a century. Our solid relationships in the power generation field has helped us build, repair, automate, and reverse-engineer equipment that serves all sectors of the industry. With our access to resources and ability to respond quickly, we are at the forefront when urgent support is needed. Backed by a wealth of combined experience, vast capabilities, and highly skilled tradespeople, we are well positioned to support all your power generation servicing needs in North America. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


We regularly work with tier 1 service providers to the hydroelectric sector and provide:

  • Refurbishing of turbines to customer specifications including distributors, control rings, runners, wicket gates, turbine shafts, camel backs and more
  • Complete assembly and static balancing of Francis runners
  • Reverse engineering of obsolete components and re-manufacture to provide customers with solutions to outdated equipment


As a member of The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries, and being fully insured through NIAC for nuclear work, we provide quality services to the nuclear sector such as:

  • Automated turnkey solutions for material handling equipment related to Candu nuclear fuel manufacturing
  • Design and build of ultra-sonic testing equipment used to ensure structural integrity of items used in the nuclear generating process.
  • Manufacture of a wide range of custom mechanical components related to the nuclear industry including items used in generation, storage, and support functions

Wind and Solar

Provision of machining and welding/fabrication services including:

  • Manufacture of structural support and mechanical components
  • On-site welding services
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