Press Technologies

BWM Millwrighting & Press Rebuilding

  • Complete rebuilds from the ground up.
  • Retrofits on brakes and clutches
  • Rebuild components from rams and bull-gears to gibs and bushings
  • Electrical control systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Custom hydraulic nuts and lube systems
  • Fully equipped onsite service calls and millwright services
  • Heavy forklifts with hydraulic boom attachments
  • Fully serviced tool trucks
  • Machine moving and installations
  • Preventative maintenance and onsite assessment
  • In house service for machines with up to 100 ton cranes

Quick Die Change and Die Transfer Equipment

  • Design, construction and installation of die-transfer equipment such as powered or manual rolling bolsters and clamping systems
  • Extensive experience with custom built rolling die carts
  • Extension arms, roller sets and die push-pull devices.

Coil Handling Equipment

  • Full range of custom feeders, cradle and stand-alone straighteners, uncoilers, and threading tables built to customer requirements
  • Servo roll feeders are available as “stand alone” units or because of their modular design, are easily integrated into a full featured, space saving coil handling line.
  • Constant mesh gearing for driving upper and lower feed rolls and pilot releases are standard features
  • Our line of heavy duty uncoilers are supplied with hydraulic, wedge type, mandrel expansion as standard