Industrial Automation

BWM Industrial Automation is experienced with a broad range of industries and has the ability to supply you with turn-key equipment. Main industries include automotive, nuclear, food and drug, and construction sectors.

We can provide a multitude of automated engineered solutions including but not limited to robotic welding & material handling cells, assembly & test stations, conveyor systems, press stations, material cutting cells and re-tooling of existing equipment.

Our organization can provide full support through all phases of projects including project management, mechanical & electrical design, manufacturing, assembly, electrical wiring, and plc programming, through to installation and commissioning of the equipment on our customer's floor.

From small tooling changes to integrated systems, BWMIA is committed to provide our customers solutions to their requirements.

Pallet Line Robotic Station Clip Insert (MVI_7016)

This robotic station inserts clips onto molded parts nested on pallets running on an over under conveyor. Clips originate from a bowl feeder into an escapement and are picked up with a spherical end effector.

Arch Robotic Clip Insert Cell Description (MVI_7007)

This automated robotic cell is configured with 2 locate fixtures allowing an operator to load molded automotive parts at the same time as the robot inserts clips and unloads finished parts onto a conveyor for packaging. Vision cameras identify all parts are loaded correctly and clips are in inserted to specifications.